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If you are new to Azure and want to learn how to best use it for your organization or orientate yourself to the world of cloud computing, you should definitely attend!

Blog Articles

Blog Article | But I Need Administrator Access

November 11, 2021 But, I need Administrator access…. Security blog series By Dwayne Natwick How do we plan for using the Principle of Least Privilege? In our growing cloud infrastructure, there are users that need access to resources at an…

Blog Article | Types of apps in the Power Platform

November 9, 2021 Types of Apps in the Power Platform By Brian Nielsen Microsoft has struggled with the ability to provide easy, customizable forms for a number of years. Once a certain level of either complexity or customization was required the form either…

Blog Article | I’ll tell you what I want to make public

November 8, 2021 I’ll Tell You What I Want to Make Public Security blog series By Dwayne Natwick What are we trying to protect? In the previous post “The Best Offense is a Good Defense”, we discussed having a defense…

Webinars On-Demand

Webinar: Modernizing Apps With Microsoft Azure

Modernizing Apps With Microsoft Azure Learn about the capabilities of Microsoft Azure to modernize your applications to take advantage of the cloud. In this session, Microsoft Azure MVP Brian Gorman explained what Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) is and…

Webinar: Getting Started With Azure Migration

Getting Started With Azure Migration Learn how to start your plan to migrate to Microsoft Azure! We’ll start with an introduction to the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and walk through some of the key decision points your organization will take,…

Webinar: Microsoft 365 Tech for Small Business

Microsoft 365 Tech For Small Business Learn how Opsgility and Microsoft 365 can help you get a professional-looking domain hosted on enterprise-class collaboration software, all the while protecting your business from cybersecurity threats such as ransomware. Join Opsgility Cloud Architect…

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